Training Course Calendar

Courses must be scheduled and paid for in advance. Please be sure to check the location of the course when signing up.

None of our courses fit your needs? We also offer private lessons at the Pocono Pistol Range location Monday through Thursday 10AM – 5PM and Fridays 10AM – 1PM. Just fill out the form below and one of our instructors will reach our to you directly.

  • Lessons are in one hour increments only
  • Rentals are included in the lesson fee
  • But eye and ear protection, targets, and ammunition must be purchased additionally
  • Fee is $75 for one student on a lane and $50 for an additional student in the same lane
  • For example 2 students on one lane would be $125, 3 students will need two lanes and the total lesson price will be $200
  • Lessons do not come with any type of certificate or course syllabus
  • Discuss with your instructor what you want covered in the lesson, they will work with you to cover as much as they can within the time constraint
  • If the lesson runs over one hour you will be charged for the additional time

To have an instructor reach out to you, send you Name, Availability, and Phone number to this email