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Sun, Mon, Thu 10AM-6PM

Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat 10AM-9PM

85 N 1st Street

Stroudsburg, PA 18064


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What you need to know for your appointment:

  • If you are bringing or renting rifle caliber firearms you MUST choose the rifle range. Handguns can also be used on the rifle range. If you try to use a rifle caliber on our handgun range you will be ejected and banned from the range.
  • VALID Driver’s License, State ID, or Passport is required.
  • You must complete our waiver if you have not done so through our SmartWaiver program. Please do so on the website ahead of time. Otherwise you will need to arrive at the range a minimum of 30 minutes early. Parties that arrive late will lose their reservation and will be treated as walk in guests.

F.A.Q.’s and Information

At this time we do not sell target ammunition.

Nope, we are open to the public!

You must have a valid government issued photo I.D., – a state I.D., driver’s license, or passport.

    1. Your I.D. may NOT be expired
    2. Must be issued by a government entity but, is not required to be a United States issued I.D.
    3. Must contain a photograph, a birthdate, an expiration date, and an I.D. number
    4. No firearm permits are required to use the range.
    • You may bring your own firearms, or choose to rent from our 100+ rentals.
    • You may use ammunition purchased outside of our range in your own firearms, however it is required that you purchase our ammunition to use in our rentals.
    • Helpful Tip: You may want to wear a shirt with a high neckline as well as closed toed shoes
    • All new guests are required to fill out our waivers and watch a safety video. This is only required on your first visit. This requirement is for all persons who have never shot at our range before regardless of any previous firearms experience or training.

Shooters from out of state or out of country are welcome to our range.

    • Any person 18 years of age or between 12-17 with a legal parent present (a friend, partner, sibling, aunt/uncle, or grandparent without legal custody will not qualify as a parent or “guardian”).
    • Persons using the range cannot be felons, under indictment, or pregnant.

You may use:

    • Pistols in calibers from .22LR to 500 S&W MAG
    • Rifles in 223 to 308. For instance – No 30-06. 338 lapua, 50 cal, etc.
      • Must be using lead ammunition no steel. No green, black, or orange tips. No armor piercing rounds, and no tracers.
    • Shotguns in any gauge with slug or buckshot only. No bird shot.

A range safety officer is always available to answer questions and ensure everyone is safe on the range, however if you require more guidance you will want to attend one of our training courses as an alternative to a brief visit to the range that is just for fun.

Currently appointments are required. Use the form above to reserve a spot. There may be times when only one range is available.

  • You may take pictures ONLY when you are on the range.
  • Make sure to keep the picture framed within your own lane.
  • Please try not to get other guests in your photographs.
  • Do NOT take pictures of range staff without asking for their permission.
  • When posing with a firearm, keep the muzzle pointed down range with your finger along the frame and OFF the trigger.
Save Time and Sign our Digital Waiver Now!


-When renting firearms you should expect to spend a minimum between $50 and $65 per person plus tax

-If bringing your own firearms, ammunition, and equipment you should expect to spend between $20 and $40 per person

-Our staff will not be able to give an exact cost over the phone.

$20 – handgun lane .22LR – 44MAG

$12 – additional shooter to a handgun lane

$30 – rifle lane .223 – 308

$18 – additional shooter to a rifle lane

-You may use handguns on a rifle lane, but NOT rifles on a handgun lane

$12 per handgun

$20 for unlimited handguns

$20 per rifle

$40 for unlimited rifles or handguns

-Cost is per lane, only one firearm may be on a lane at a time

Ammunition fees are additional to the rental fees, not included. There is no option for unlimited ammunition.

$15 for each suppressor


$10 for processing new users to our range, all new users must fill out a waiver and watch a video on safety rules

-This fee applies regardless of shooting experience, it is for all new users to our range. Forms must be completed and the video must be watched in it’s entirety even if you have done similar paperwork, or watched a similar video at other ranges.

Ammunition prices may change without notice from what is listed on our website.

Ammunition prices listed here do not guarantee that caliber is in stock.

.22LR – 50 Rounds – $15.99 – 19.99

9MM – 20 Rounds – $17.99

380 – 10 Rounds – $18.99

40 – 10 Rounds – $22.30

45 – 10 Rounds – $18.99

38 – 10 Rounds – $11.99

357 – 6 Rounds – $9.99

7.62×39 – 10 Rounds – $16.99

223 or 5.56 – 20 Rounds – $29.99

300 – 10 Rounds – $33.99

308 – 5 Rounds – $9.99

12GA – 4/5 Rounds – $9.99/$11.99

$3.99 for a set of eye protection and ear plugs

-Eye and ear protection is required on our range. You may bring your own set or purchase the set from us to use and keep.

$0.50 for a pair of ear plugs only

$14.99 for ear muffs 25NPR+

$2.00 per target or 3 targets for $5.00

Rental Firearms

Click through the caliber tabs to see what semi-automatic pistols we have for rent.


  • 92 FS
  • Px4 Storm FS


  • 75 BD
  • P-07
  • P10c


  • FNS
  • FN509c


  • 19GEN5
  • 17GEN5
  • 43
  • 43X
  • 48
  • 34GEN4
  • 17GEN4
  • 19GEN4
  • 45


  • USP compact
  • P30
  • VP9

Smith & Wesson

  • M&P9c
  • M&P9 Pro
  • M&P9
  • M&P9 2.0
  • M&P9 Shield
  • M&P9 Shield EZ


  • CPX-2

Sig Sauer

  • P938
  • P320 (Sub Compact)
  • P320 (Compact)
  • P320
  • P226 MK25
  • P365
  • P365XL


  • PPQ
  • CCP

Springfield Armory

  • XDS
  • XD-9 Mod.2
  • XD-9 Mod.2 (Subcompact)
  • Range Officer 1911
  • XDM-9
  • 96 FS

Click through the caliber tabs to see what revolvers we have for rent.


  • SP101

Smith & Wesson

  • 637
  • 642
  • Bodyguard


  • 85


  • SP101
  • GP100 4″
  • GP100 6″


  • Super Redhawk

Click through the caliber tabs to see what carbines we have for rent.


  • Cx4 Storm

Charter Arms

  • AK-47


  • AR-15


  • Vector

Smith & Wesson

  • M&P 15-22


  • M4-22

Click through the caliber tabs to see what rifles we have for rent.

Diamond Back

  • DB15


  • Precision


  • AK-47


Please come in to the range during regular business hours to sign up for one of our monthly memberships.